Tuesday, 09 October 2012

GoodLife Mobility Sponsorship

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Lenco Marine is happy to be a sponsor of a recent project Project of GoodLife Mobility. GoodLife Mobility is an organization who's mission statement is to develop, promote and provide healthy transportation alternatives for veterans, seniors and other adults and children with disabilities, and to contribute to their overall well being by enabling active and independently mobile lifestyles. The organizations current project is to provide Electric Assist transportation and recreational vehicles to those suffering spinal cord injuries, wounded war veterans and others with physical disabilities including seniors.

Enjoy this great GoodLife Mobility video - A lifelong surfer, Dainuri first sought to apply the human-electric-hybrid concept to a surfboard for himself. At a conference in 2004, he met Jesse Billauer, a former competitive surfer who became quadriplegic in a surfing accident. Dainuri wanted to get Jesse surfing independently again on an electric-assist surfboard. A grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation partially funded the development of the first prototype board, the “Jesse I.” We are now nearing completion on the “Jesse II,” the world’s first electric-assist steerable surfboard with full two-axis joystick control. It has three microcomputers and thousands of lines of computer code, a swappable waterproof battery, motor and impeller, and can reach speeds up to 9 mph. The Jesse II board will get Jesse and others with extreme spinal cord injuries and other disabilities surfing with a radically new level of independence.
For more information visit www.goodlifemobility.org

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