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Sea Ray Launches System Using Auto Glide

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Sea Ray Launches System Using Auto Glide

Knoxville, Tenn. - Feb. 16, 2012 - Sea Ray, the world's leading manufacturer of superior quality pleasure boats, is pleased to introduce a new and innovative hull technology that optimizes performance and wake shape aboard the models on which it is offered. The company's new Active Trim Control (ATC) is currently available as an option on the new Sea Ray 230 SLX® and will be expanded to other models in the near future.

ATC uses large, triangular trim tabs mounted underneath the hull to automatically keep the boat level in changing speed and sea conditions. Controlled by the Auto Glide Boat Control System from Lenco Marine, this technology has been shown to 1) improve acceleration and reduce bow rise, 2) keep the boat at an optimal trim and running list angle and 3) change the effective transom deadrise to significantly impact wake height and shape.

"Basically, ATC is a proprietary system that automatically keeps a boat running at a proper trim and list angle from the time it leaves the dock until the time it comes back," said Rob Noyes, vice president of marketing for Sea Ray. "Since the tabs are triangular and mounted in a pocket, they have the added effect of changing the transom deadrise and positively effecting wake height and shape without adding additional turbulence from the exposed edges of a rectangular tab."

According to tests performed by Sea Ray on a 230 SLX with six-person load, ATC improved acceleration to 20 mph by 13 percent and acceleration to 30 mph by 8 percent. In addition, ATC reduced bow rise by 30 percent. "These results are significant," said Noyes, "especially when you consider fuel efficiency and economy."

Another benefit notable to the test crew was the roll control function. Even with a large load on one side, the system automatically brought the vessel to an even keel. ATC also kept the 230 SLX on plane while going through hard turns (which typically cause the vessel to slow). This allowed the boat to execute more comfortable turns while maintaining speed. The minimum speed at which the 230 SLX stayed on plane was also improved.

The test team also collected data on the system's wake-shaping abilities. Results of the objective testing demonstrated an improved wake "ramp" for wakeboarding at 19 to 23 mph and a reduced wake size for waterskiing at 30 to 33 mph. To evaluate the "feel" of the wake, a subjective test was also conducted. "Both skiers and boarders noted a general improvement with the tabs deployed," said Noyes. "The ATC system enhances watersports capability while maintaining better deep-V handling in rough water, where specialized watersports boats can fall short."

With ATC, Sea Ray has delivered an exclusive technology that improves overall performance and couples true watersports capability with proven deep-V sterndrive confidence. "Once again, this new and exciting innovation demonstrates Sea Ray's commitment to excellence in product development, technology and customer satisfaction," said Noyes.

*Test data collected aboard a 2012 Sea Ray 230 SLX with Active Trim Control (ATC) measured at 3500 rpm. Readings will change with variances in wind and water conditions, current, and exact load.

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