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Lenco Bennett Retrofit Kit (BRK) Renamed

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Stuart, FL; September 9, 2013- Lenco Marine, Inc.’s Bennett Retrofit Kit (BRK) has been renamed “Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric Conversion & Performance Upgrade Kit.”

The Lenco Electric Actuator is their signature product having hand built over 1 million since 1986. The Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric Conversion & Performance Upgrade Kit includes everything necessary to retrofit any boat equipped with the standard length Bennett hydraulic cylinders without any drilling or filling of holes.

The first step in retrofitting the system is to remove the existing Bennett actuators and install the Lenco upper mounting brackets that come in the kit to the transom. Next, feed the Lenco wires through the holes in the brackets as well as through the existing oil line holes in the transom. Then, mount the Lenco Actuators to the upper brackets included in the kit and the existing Bennett lower brackets. Lastly, connect the new Lenco Actuator wires to the existing harness. For greater detail: Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric Conversion & Performance Upgrade Kit Installation & Wiring

Lenco customer and life-long fisherman, C.J. Geotis tested these instructions when he had a hydraulic pump on his boat that quit working completely. He made the decision of replacing his current hydraulic system completely with Lenco's totally electric tab system. "The option of having no hydraulic hoses, no pumps, no tanks, no clamps, no expensive hydraulic fitting nor hydraulic fluid made the decision fairly easy", Geotis said.

C.J. described the installation process as being both easy and straightforward, "I had to drill new holes only to mount the upper brackets that hold the actuators. The rest of the installation consisted of removing the hydraulic parts and replacing them with Lenco parts. The Lenco actuators connected directly to the existing metal tabs. One wire from each actuator replaced the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic tank, every piece of hose, every clamp and every hydraulic fitting. The Lenco actuators can be connected directly to the wires from the old hydraulic system." He went on to say, "bottom line: The Lenco system works great and the installation could not have been easier."

Lenco's Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric Conversion & Performance Upgrade Kit comes with a 3 year warranty. Their Instant Response Electric Actuators are made of high impact glass fiber filled ultraviolet-resistant nylon material with 316 super buff stainless steel tubing. Lenco's tough, high-torque actuator motor easily pushes 750 lbs. or 340kg.

For more information:; 772-288-2662


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