lenco actuator diagram

  1. New top cap & mounting clevis design is stronger and more durable.
  2. New low profile, tamper-proof torx screws eliminate the threaded rod protruding from the actuator cap providing an improved, pressure-tight seal.
  3. New O-ring seal design eliminates parting lines that remained from the molding process allowing for a more consistent seal under extreme loads.
  4. Thicker, stronger motor housing wall increases crush strength by 50% and improves symmetry which strengthens the O-ring seals.
  5. New molded-in brass thrust bearing provides support to the gear train and ball screw creating a smoother, more stable run cycle which decreases internal wear.
  6. New integrated wiper seal mounted at the base of the actuator provides greater stability during operation and also serves as a scraper whereby eliminating particle entry that could potentially damage internal seals.
  7. New over-molded top cap design incorporates an overmolded cable feature which eliminates the strain relief and provides a much more consistent and stronger seal.
  8. Lenco 116 Mounting Bracket with Gland Seal. Gland seal makes a water-tight seal between the 116 mounting bracket and the boats transom. The gland seal slides over the actuator wires to seal the 116 mounting bracket to the transom.
  9. Environmentally-sealed Deutsch Connectors (thermoplastic housings and silicone seals) withstand conditions of extreme temperatures and moisture. Properly wired and mated connections will withstand immersion under 3 feet of water without loss of electronic qualities or leakage.

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