Old Bennett Tabs with New Lenco Actuators
Old Bennett Tabs with New Lenco Actuators

Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric

Convert From Hydraulic to Electric - 12 and 24-Volt Actuators

Bennett Hydraulic-to-Lenco Electric Conversion and Performance Upgrade Kits are designed as a direct replacement for the Bennett hydraulic power unit (HPU) on systems using Bennett 4-ring standard trim tab actuators.

PLEASE NOTE: If replacing the Bennett 3 Ring style actuators,
upper mounting bracket location will need to be modified.

The simple Bennett RetroFit Kits include everything necessary to upgrade your current boat without drilling or filling. You simply discard the hydraulic pump unit and the two Bennett cylinders. Connect the new actuator wiring to the existing harness (jumper wires are included for attaching to current switch). Complete installation instructions are included.

Just 4 simple steps:

  1. Remove Bennett actuators and install Lenco upper mounting brackets on transom.
  2. Feed Lenco wires through holes in brackets and through existing oil line holes in transom.
  3. Mount Lenco actuators on to new upper brackets and existing Bennett lower brackets.
  4. Connect Lenco Actuator wires to existing harness.


  • Trim Tab Kit: Bennett Retrofit
  • Switch Kit: Sold Separately
  • Class: Fuel Efficient
  • Compliance: CE Certified
  • Compatibility: Any Boat
  • Made in: Stuart, Florida U.S.A.
Bennett Retrofit Kits 12 and 24-Volt 
Switch KIts Sold Separately

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12-Volt Bennett Retrofit Kit


24-Volt Bennett Retrofit Kit

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