Flybridge Kits for Standard Integrated Kits

Flybridge Kits for Standard Integrated Kits

12 & 24-Volt for Single Actuator Systems

Second station Standard Key Pad connecting to the NEW (ALL-IN-ONE) Integrated Tactile Switch Kit (part# 15169-001). Add a second station key pad to your NEW Integrated Tactile Switch by plugging into the existing harness.

Kits Include

  • Harness in length ordered 10' to 50'
  • Second station key pad





Flybridge Standard Diagram

Replacement parts are available and are sold separately. 


  • Lenco Part #: (see table below)
  • System Type: Single Actuator
  • Compliance: CE Certified
  • Made in: Stuart, Florida U.S.A.
Flybridge Kits for Standard Integrated Tactile Switches
Includes Standard Integrated Tactile Switch Key Pad & Desired Length Wire Harness.
Lenco Part #
10' Shielded Flybridge Kit - Standard
20' Shielded Flybridge Kit - Standard
30' Shielded Flybridge Kit - Standard
40' Shielded Flybridge Kit - Standard
50' Shielded Flybridge Kit - Standard

This quick reference table contains all of the Flybridge Kits for Standard Tactile Switches.

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