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  • Last update: 23 July 2013


Bow - Front part of a boat

Chine - Portion of the hull where the bottom and sides intersect

Following Sea - Waves of current running with the course of a boat

Head Sea - Waves or current running directly against the course of a boat

Helm - Area of a boat where operational controls are located

Hull - The main body of a boat

Porpoising - When the bow of a boat leaps clear out of the water after striking a wave

Port - The left side of a boat looking forward

Starboard - The right side of a boat when looking forward

Stern - Rear part of a boat 

Strake Edge - Points on the bottom of a hull (see Fig. 1 on page 5)

Trailing Edge - The furthest edge from the hinge on a trim tab

Transom - The rear section of the hull connecting the two sides


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